What is CMatrix?

I think most of you guys must have seen in Hacking MOvies the computer Screen shows like this

And You might thinked about it, How did they do this and also tried to do it

But now I am now going to tell you about How to do it

It is Really Easy and Simple

Steps To Do it-


So AT First you will need 3 Things..

  1. A Linux based Computer
  2. A Terminal
  3. Good Internet Connection
  4. and a Mind

Step 1.Open Terminal

Step 2. Type this Command

root@earthedition:~# apt-get install cmatrix :-for Debian Based
root@earthedition:~# yum install cmatrix  :- Red Hat Based

OutPut (How to Run It)

root@earthedition:~# cmatrix

Done You Done it Enjoy

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Bonus Tricks

What about if I say You can make Fire in Terminal

Yes You can There is really one other Cool cmd which allows us to do so

Install AAFIRE

root@earthedition:~# apt-get install libaa-bin

OutPut (How to Run It)

root@earthedition:~# aafire

It will look like this


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