1 Billion and 1 Million in Rupees?

What will 1 Billion and 1 Million in Rupees?

How much 1 Billion and 1 Million in Rupees? Well, it will depend on the International Exchange Rate. Lets Assume International Rate as $1 = ₹70

Then the Simple Answer is 🙂

$1 Million = 700 Lakhs or 7 Crore
$1 Billion = ₹7,00,00 Lakhs or ₹,7000 Crore

Let me tell You! How I have Calculated this 🙂
$1 Million = Dollar to Rupee Exchange rate * 1 Million = 70 * 1 Million = 70 Million
$1 Billion = Dollar to Rupee Exchange rate * 1 Billion = 70 * 1 Billion = 70 Billion

Well, It is So Simple To calculate Million and Billion in Laks/Crores but it is Complicated also…
However if you want to understand the concept then Let me tell you in Detail, Just Read on…:)

Have a look at the Table of Contents

Why do we need to know Million and Billion Conversion rates?

So, Before Going Further, Let me tell you why we need to know these Conversion Rates

Once My Investor visited India, He wants to Invest in Industrial Sector and He was Curious to know the Prices in Million and Billions and he asked me the Prices then I suddenly told him in Lakhs or Crores then obviously He Didn’t understand then I have to Tell Prices in Millions and Billions then at that time I was feeling Ashamed as at that time I have to do all Calculation on paper then I have Told him Actual Price.

I am sure You Might get in such type of Situation That’s why you are Reading this Blog 🙂

Milion to Crore and Billion to Crore, Why these are so Confusing?

As we Know, The Entire Follow different that is Short Scale Number System in the Financial Terms. Teachers, Students, Doctor, Professor and Common People uses Values in Thousands (K), Millions (M), Billions (B), etc. And the WorldWide Currency is also Dollar($), Euro (€) or GBP(£) {also known as Pound}.

And if you live in India and if you have any Foreigner Freind then if you are talking with them then Definitely you use Lakhs, Crore, etc but they Use Million and Billion and it may take a minute to Understand it with Lakh and Crore. SO, it will take you into Confusion. Even I have Confused too many times too 🙂

This may take you in Confusion, If you are in hurry!

And this can happen not only while Talking, but It can also happen in Online Chatting, it can happen while Understanding some data and many more example in Real Life

Here, I have made a Table through which you can Understand the number of zeroes in Millions and Billion along with Number of Zero. So, Have a Quick Look 🙂

1 Billion and 1 Million in Rupees?
1 Billion and 1 Million in Rupees?

Number of Zeroes n Millions and Billions

Value’sIn NumbersNumber of
One Thousand1,0003
Ten Thousand10,0004
One Hundred Thousand100,0005
One Million1,000,0006
One Billion1,000,000,0009
Number o Zeroes in Million and Billion

Have you noticed Something?

Thousands have 3 Zeros,
Millions have 6 Zeroes,
and Billions have 9 Zeroes

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But, When we look at the Indian Number System, It is Quite Different. It will look like this…

Number of Zeroes in Lakhs and Crores

Value’sIn NumberNumber of
Ek Hazaar1,0003
Ek lakh100,0005
Ek Crore10,000,0007
Ek Arab1,000,000,0009
Ek Kharab100,000,000,00011
Ek Neel10,000,000,000,00013
Ek Padam1,000,000,000,000,00015
Ek Shank100,000,000,000,000,00017
Number of Zeroes in Lakhs and Crores

So, Only Few Number matces with International Numbering System

Sau | Hundred = 100
Hazaar | Thousand = 1,000
Arab | Billion = 1,000,000,000
Padam | Quadrillion = 1,000,000,000,000,000

These Confusion Arises from Using Hindi Number System. Let me make this more Clear 🙂

Million to Lakhs and Billion to Lakhs

  • 1 lakh = One Hundred Thousand = 100,000 = 1 followed by 5 zeros
  • 1 Million = 10 Lakhs = 1 followed by 6 Zeros = 1,000,000 = 1 followed by 6 zeros
  • 1 Crore = 10 Million = 100 Lakhs = 10,000,000 = 1 followed by 7 zeros
  • 1 Billion = 100 Crore = 1,000,000,000 = 1 Followed by 9 Zeros

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Have you Noticed Something?

Number of Blocks in Million and Billion

NumberNumber of
1 Million21(000)(000)
1 Billion31(000)(000)(000)
1 Trillion41(000)(000)(000)(000)
Number of Blocks in Million and Billion

You may also Noticed this….

Number of Zeroes in Lakhs and Crores

NumberNumber of
1 Lakh5100,0000
1 Crore710,000,000
1 Arab91,000,000,000
Number of Zeroes in Lakhs and Crores

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