Which is the best Photo Editor in Ubuntu

SO What’ sup guys. How are you? I think you are fine and reading this article to know some interesting stuff! Isn’t it? SO in today Article, I am going to talk to you about the best Photo Editor in Ubuntu 🙂

I think most of you might used Windows and you really enjoyed that OS beacuse it comes with lot and lot of Softwares.

And as you know Windows have the best Photo Editing Software but Linux has only Limited

SO In this Article, I am going to tell you about the best Photo Editing Software you have ever heard of…


If you have used Photoshop in your life then you might have heard that GiMP is alternative of Photoshop and more importantly it is free. YOu can edit, crop, filter, etc means you can do everything that you have done in Photoshop. It has every feature that you need that’s why I have made it at Top because if you have this you don’t need any more photo editing software. Moreover, it supports every Images Formats that you are going to use. SO What are you waiting for Go And Download now 🙂

2. InkSpace

SO on the second number, we have inkSpace. Let me tell you why? SO InkSPace is an illustration based photo editing software which has everything that you may need to make your photo look professional, stylish and Rocked 🤘. Moreover, you can use Inkspace to make Drawing, Illustration, Graphics, clip art, web graphics, layers, gradients and much more than you have expected. One Special feature of InkSpace is Filters menu which will definitely go to complete any of the Software in the market because Inkspace is Rich in Filters. Isn’t it cool? Tell me in the Comment Section

So guys That’s it these are my best Photo Editing Software which I am using personally to edit photos. Hope you have enjoyed and Don’t forget to share it to your freinds if they are using Linux 🙂

In the next Article I will tell you about Best Photo Editing Online which you don’t know. SO Stay tuned

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